Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teena is 8 months old now!

Teena's mom is talking about kennel stuff.....

Hey? What are you doing with that thing, grandma?

She's listening to the people talking.....

Oh, she hears the camera clicking on my iphone...

getting bored.

Sniff.... sniff.... sniff.... blow.... sniff....

... sniff... sniff... Lady? I can smell dogs on you. sniff.... sniff.....

Sniff.... sniff.... I like you.....

Oh, that's nice....

Oh, a head message.... nice.... (and mom's falling asleep! LOL!)

Oh, look over there!

Okay Mommy, you take over.... do my chest.

Thats nice, right there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teena Playing With My GSD's

Never a dull moment since Teena came to join the pack! She loves to play, and takes full advantage of the fact that an adult dog would never hurt a pup on purpose.

As a matter of fact, if one one the adults gets huffy with her, and gives a serious growl or a warning snap, she'll bark and growl at them indignantly!

Her Ranger and Star go at it, while Teena makes a grab for Ranger's paw

Lots of teeth, but Ranger stays aloof.

Teena bites Star's tail, hoping she'll drop the toy.

Teena and Star wrestle. Teena likes to grab Star by the neck, or a hind leg.

Ranger nibbles Teena's paw

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teena at 10 Weeks

I took some new photos today. How she has grown!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Puppy LER & Trip to New Home

Michelle assesses Teena's reaction to someone she's never met before.

Teena runs after the ball.

Teena plays with the ball, while Sarah tries to get her to bring it to her. (She did, eventually!)

Teena chews on the pop can full of pebbles.

Lisa assesses Teena's conformation

I'm doing a separate post for the LER, as my computer wouldn't let me upload the pictures when I made the previous post.

By the time we arrived at New Zion, it had started to rain. Sarah put the puppies out in the x-pen, and we also let them run around a bit, so they could relieve themselves. However, pretty soon the cold and the wet got to them, and they started to shiver. We couldn't do the LER indoors, for fear of spreading germs to the 4 litters of new puppies that had recently been born at New Zion, so, we agreed to meet at the Fillmore motel the next afternoon. The weather forecast said the rain was supposed to end by then.

Indeed it had, and the sun actually broke through a couple of times, as Lisa, Michelle, Sarah and I did the LER in the motel parking lot!

When the LER was done, we ordered in some food, and ate while we discussed the results. A number of phone calls were made back and forth between Lisa and her mother, Tina, who was in hospital. It was finally decided that Teena was going to be mine (YESSS!!), and Sir Prize, Sheila and her fuzzy sister, Bubbles were to stay at New Zion, while Teena, Buster, #1 Son, and Hoss were to make the trip back home with us. Sarah didn't want to leave her puppies behind, especially Sir Prize, and she was crying as Michelle loaded them into her van for the trip to New Zion.

We finally got everything loaded into the van, and hit the road for home. It was already 8:45 when we left, and our trip was further delayed by the puppies getting car sick. Each time we smelled that lovely aroma of recycled puppy chow, we stopped the van, moved the pups to the other cage, cleaned the dirty cage and put down fresh papers, then continued on our way. This cycling the pups between the cages worked really well. Now that we were down to 4 pups, the smaller cage was plenty big enough for all of them. Anyone who has ever tried to clean up a cage while the puppies are still in it will know it's a nearly impossible task, so we were very fortunate to have the second cage! If we hadn't had it available, we probably would have had to just leave them in the soiled cage, as pulling over on a dark roadside to clean things up was just too dangerous!
There was only a short lineup at the border crossing, and we made it through customs with no problems. The weary travellers finally arrived back at Sarah's place at 3 am. It was nearly 4 am by the time we got everything unloaded and the puppies settled to sleep!

We had a lazy morning the next day. Sarah got up to feed the puppies when they awoke at 7 am, then we all went back to sleep. It poured rain most of the morning, along with thunder and lightning, so I was in no hurry to leave. Finally, when the rain stopped, I loaded up my SUV, and headed for home. Teena started to howl before I reached the end of Sarah's street, and despite me stopping a couple of times to try to comfort her, she didn't settle down until we reached Orilla. She would just throw her head back and HOWL! It sounded almost like a police or fire siren, and was nearly as loud, too! Lucky me...I was able to turn my hearing aids off to reduce the volume of the noise!

Once we arrive home, she settled in fairly quickly, except for howling a bit when left alone in her cage. She was very cautious with my two adult German Shepherds for awhile, but by the time three days had gone by, she got over that. With a BANG! She's become a real terror, and I sometimes have to put her in her cage to give them a break from her puppy energy!

The top photo show Teena and Ranger, my Hearing Ear GSD, a day or so after she arrived home.

Teena at 8 Weeks

On September 26, Sarah and I (Jane) piled all 7 pups into Sarah's van, and left for New Zion, so Lisa could do the litter evaluation (LER). We stopped along the way at Anne and Alberto's home, so we could give the puppies a break. At least one of them had been carsick, and it was quite a job getting the cage and car cleaned up. It would have been impossible if we hadn't had a safe place to put the pups, who ALSO needed a cleanup!

Sarah put the pups in the x-pen, and the fun began! Before long, there were FOUR kids in the x-pen, cuddling puppies, and helping out. Anne made a slideshow of the pictures she and her husband took:

Above are a couple of pictures of the puppies from the pit-stop at Anne's. The one where Anne's daughter, Vicky, is cuddling Teena is by far my favourite!

Friday, September 18, 2009